Sensual Massage / Yoni Massage

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In the practice of tantra, a yoni massage is a form of sensual massage, a ritual of erotic connectivity between two people, focusing on massaging the parts of sensitive areas such as the vagina, vulva, breasts, and stomach, known as the yoni area. This type of massage will help women to explore, understand, and become comfortable with their bodies, exactly as they are.

Yoni massage sensibly massages the vulva and vagina whilst the receiver focuses on specific breathing exercises. The main idea is to enable the receiver’s mental and physical tensions to be freed, helping her to feel pleasure from the gentle yet enchanting tantric touches of someone else. Consequently, she gets a better understanding of what brings pleasure to her body. It’s important to understand, that even though orgasms can be a welcomed side effect for many women, they are not mandatory or even the sole focus!

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